Georgi Grozdev's novel Prey premiered in Brussells

The Q and A session with Georgi Grozdev was under the heading Be Bulgarian, Be Balkan, Be European!

On Sep 27, the Librebook Bookstore hosted the premiere of the French edition of Georgi Grozdev's novel Prey. The event was organized by the bookstore owner, Antonio Parodi, and the Publisher, Emmanuelle Moysan. Librebook opened its doors in June with the ambition of being a true Balkan bookstore at the heart of Brussels. Its business card reads: European bookshop cultural café. Books & food for thought & taste across Europe.
The Q and A session with Georgi Grozdev was under the heading Be Bulgarian, Be Balkan, Be European!. After the reading, in Bulgarian and French, after the interesting comments by the publisher Emmanuelle Moysan and the translator Krassimir Kavaldzhiev, the author answered the audience's many questions. They wanted to know not only about Prey but also about the other two novels in the trilogy Unneeded and Entropy. The novels' translated versions in German and other languages were available in the bookstore. The audience was also interested in Publishing House Balkani's Balkan Library, the first of its kind in Bulgaria's cultural history. Georgi Grozdev founded Publishing House Balkani in 1991. The session continued almost four hours. Antonio Parodi said he had discovered a brilliant writer and that wasn't just a compliment of expected courtesy. Due to the late hour the conversations continued at Vivre Longtemps over a glass of beer.
Three Belgian writers also participated in the Q and A session, Rose-Marie Francois, Christian Libens and Alain van Crugten. All three have been translated into Bulgarian. The audience included Bulgarians working in Brussels, as well as young Belgian readers who had already familiarized themselves with the content of Prey and were asking interesting questions.
Choosing a book, an author and also beer in Brussels is hard. There are seven hundred and seventy types of beer. Each beer comes with its own label and glass.
Author: The Organizers
Published on on October 2, 2016.

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