Georgi Konstantinov, Bulgaria


To Alvaro Pineda - Botero

After so many
Successful delusions,
I have finally found
That questions
Are more important than answers.
Every answer,
Even the most exact one,
Signifies a dead point,
End of the road,
A sidetrack,
Bye, you bore!
Close the door
As you go out.
While questions,
Even the dullest ones,
Are true forms of life.
You walk and keep asking,
You taste and spit out
The bitter cocrtail of answers.
Even if you happen
To be sailing after a false map,
To be crossing out a happy date,
To be piling up golden losses,
You will somehow finally
Reach that door,
That you can close
As you go in.
And be able to go on beyond the words:
With a head bent forward,
Teeth clenched, elbows held in,
Like a Question bent over with wisdom.

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