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The Spirit of Greece Is Modern and With Dignity

Literature is one of the most dynamic parcels of a countrys civilization as it subtly reflects its ethos, past dispositions, and current developments. Modern Greek literature, which has produced numerous masterpieces of international caliber, has done exactly that: it has echoed around the world Greeces path towards its contemporary status as a beacon of stability and peace and as a cultural crossroads. At the same time, it has raised awareness of the traditional principles of the Ancient Greek civilization that surface in Greek literature of all periods.
Specifically, Modern Greek narratives and poems, among other forms of literature, have colorfully mirrored Greeces journey from her emergence as a free state in the early 19th century to her being established as a flourishing democracy, a prominent member-state of the European Union, and an influential player in the broader region. In addition to all this, Modern Greek literature has unveiled the philosophy and values of the people; Greeks have been known as an open-minded and open-hearted society that prospers in the contemporary global setting.

Above all, however, Modern Greek Literature testifies to the fact that our country is not simply a reliable current partner with a long history or a recently-emerged competitive modern market in a plethora of sectors, like energy, the maritime industry, finances, or infrastructure. Instead, to its comparative advantages one must add its modern cultural excellence that is exemplified in the works of writers like Dionysios Solomos, Kostes Palamas, Constantine Cavafy, Angelos Sikelianos, Odysseus Elitis, George Seferis, Nikos Kazantzakis, Kiki Dimoula, and so many more. All in all, Modern Greek Literature gives evidence to the continuance of our celebrated ancient past into the fascinating cultural present and a most promising future.
Of course, all these great literary voyages would not take place if it were not for the gifted Greek writers and for the love of people around the world that have embraced their works. To both, we extend our sincere gratitude, while anxiously waiting to enjoy all that Modern Greek Literature has yet to unravel to us all!

Panos Livadas was born in Athens in 1964. He graduated from the College of Athens and then Hofstra University in New York, Economical and Political Sciences, and the University of Florida. He defended his thesis entitled A Complex Model of Interpretation of Behavior during Elections. Hes the Secretary General of Information. Hes in charge of the communication strategy and representation of Greece abroad.

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