"The Wars of Bulgaria" vol. 2 special

The present volume 2 of the documentary photo album THE WARS OF BULGARIA is the natural sequel to volume 1 from this series. The compilers are almost the same. The order of historical photographs follows the chronology of the wars: Bulgarias participation in the First (19151918) and the Second (19391945) World Wars.

The First World War is portrayed in 200 photographs. Apart from the pictures of military operations, as well as of the life of the Bulgarian officers and soldiers on the frontline, there are also photographs of senior officers, and generals who led and commanded large military units, including a whole army. There are also short biographical and military service records. As an exception, some emblematic figures, such as Col. Drangov, Cap. Spisarevski are also presented.
Bulgarias participation in the Second World War is chronicled in three periods
19391941, 19411944 and 19441945, characterized by the country and army attitude during that war the neutrality, the return of South Dobrudzha to Bulgaria in the first period; the second period covers the presence of the Bulgarian army in the newly annexed territories of Vardar and Aegian Macedonia and Western Thrace, Bulgarias joining the Trilateral Pact and air raid of Bulgaria. The third period focuses on the direct military participation of Bulgaria in the final stage of the war during its two phases on the territory of former Yugoslavia, and, later on, on the territory of Hungary. Short biographical information is given about major political and military figures of that period. Second World War is portrayed in 129 photographs.

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