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  • Bulgarian Literature and Culture and the Case of Macedonia /Georgi Grozdev
  • A writer should write what he has to say and not speak it. Ernest Hemingway - Nobel Speech
  • The Unneeded Sorcerer , Georgi Grozdev - about Svetlana Stoychevas book, Boyan the Sorcerer a Study of Literary Myth Iztok-Zapad Publishing, 2017
  • After Brussels, Georgi Grozdevs Novel Prey Goes to Paris
  • Après Bruxelles, Proie de Georgi Grozdev à Paris
  • THE BELL OF KOSOVO Georgi Grozdev (Excerpt from the book by the same name under press for Publishing House Balkani)
  • Georgi Grozdev's novel Prey premiered in Brussells
  • Première de Proie de Georgi Grozdev à Bruxelles
  • Who Am I? - Georgi Grozdev
  • Small States - Georgi Grozdev
  • The Great Emptiness - Georgi Grozdev
  • Chinese Women - Georgi Grozdev
  • The Art which Is not for Sale - Gerogi Grozdev
  • A Turtle-Dove amongst the Hieroglyphs - Georgi Grozdev
  • Interview of Georgi Grozdev, writer and publisher, with Fiona Sampson -"The Distance Between Us" from the "Words and People" series, translated by Tsvetanka Elenkova

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