The premiere of the novel Villains, of BALKANI Publishing House, took place at the cultural celebration Plovdiv Reads (June 2004). Professor Svetlozar Igov spoke of the author, academician Dragoslav Mihailovic, and of his novel. The other guest of the meeting the famous Serbian writer Milislav Savic, was also introduced. Also present were the translator of the novel Zhela Georgieva, the wife of Mr. Mihailovic, Nena, the publishers, Zhenya and Georgi Grozdev, and many readers and fans from Plovdiv and Sofia.

Prof. Ljubisha Georgievski was a special guest. An excerpt from his A Dictionary of Prejudice (also published in the Balkan Library Series) pertaining to the topic of the novel was read. His new book in English, called Balkans. United? (published by BALKANI) was introduced in the old part of Plovdiv through separate excerpts translated into Bulgarian and entertaining the audiences great interest.

The audience also heard excerpts from Milislav Savics story dedicated to the feigned death of Tito.
The Plovdiv hosts in the person of Stoyo Vartolomeev (Hermes Publishing House) had many contacts of mutual interest with the guests from Serbia. BALKANI Publishing House showed the guests the Bachkovski Monastery, the Iskura reserve and the sights of Plovdiv and Sofia.

On occasion of May 24, 2004, in Nicosia the following four books were introduced:
the novel In the Eye of the Snake, by Hristos Hadjipapas (the first Cypriot novel translated into Bulgarian)
Cypriot Stories, by Giorgos Pieridis (from the Balkan Library Series)
Collection of poems from the Poetry collection
Postponed Life, by Vassilka Petrova-Hadjipapa
The Water of Memories, by Giorgos Moleskis

Over a hundred literature lovers attended, among them the leaders of the Cypriot Writers Union, diplomats, responsible representatives of the Ministry of Culture, famous artists, painters, writers, translators. Also among them were the Bulgarian artists who live and work in Cyprus Slavcho Peev and Monika Moleski.

The audience was introduced to the books of the writer and publisher Georgi Grozdev and of professor Panayotis Leontiou.

Excerpts were read, in Bulgarian and Greek, from works of the newly published writers, as well as poems by Debelyanov, Yavorov, and Vaptsarov.

In June 2004 BALKANI has interesting meetings with famous Macedonian authors: professor Venko Andonovski, Gligor Stoykovksi, writer and publisher with Kultura Publishing House from the younger generation. As well as with the academicians Matea Mateevski (poet), Gane Todorovski (poet and prose writer, former ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia to Russia), Paskal Gilevski (poet and translator), Petar Boshkovski (prose writer and critic), and Rade Silyan (poet and publisher with Matitsa Publishing House, Macedonia).

On the way, there was a meeting with Dragi Mihailovski-Pismoto, whose novel is under print in the Balkan Library Series.

In the Macedonian Academy of Sciences BALKANI had beneficial talks also with academician Georgi Stardelov. His new book, Balkan Aesthetics a Different Aesthetics, pays special attention to Professor Isaac Pasi and Anton Donchev, along with the analyses of other famous Bulgarian authors.

The BALKANI crew included Zdravka Iteva, interpreter from Macedonian, and the publishers, Zhenya and Georgi Grozdev.

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