East Translates East Program

The East Translates East Program of Next Page Foundation started in 2004 and builds upon the achievements of the Open Society Institute East Translates East project which to date has supported hundreds of book translations between languages of Eastern Europe.
In 2005 the program provides two types of funds: A. promotion grants for promotion initiatives of East European translations within the country of translation; B. translation grants for books in humanities and social science, covering part of the expenses related to the translation and publication of books originally published in one of the languages of the eligible countries (see below).
General requirements for both types of grants (translation and promotion):

Applicants and translations from/into the languages of the following countries are eligible to apply:

Application deadline 16 October 2005.
 Application forms and detailed information about grants competition regulations can be found on the web site of Next Page Foundation
Applications shall be sent within the deadline by e-mail to:
Next Page Foundation
Maria Velichkova, project coordinator
A. Promotion grants
What projects can apply?
Promotion projects for East-East translations of publishers, libraries, bookstores, media and other institutions from the eligible countries listed above. Priority will be given to long term projects of applicants with experience in book promotion and strong commitment to the book sector in Eastern Europe.
What kind of projects cannot apply?
Promotion projects for titles supported with a translation grant within East Translates East program cannot apply. Individuals projects are also not acceptable.
B. Translation grants
What projects can apply?
Projects submitted by publishers for translations from and into the eligible languages listed above. Only books in humanities and social sciences will be considered.
Priority will be given to projects which are part of a comprehensive publishing policy or long term projects of the applying organization, and which demonstrate strong commitment to the promotion and marketing of the supported publication. Applications for translations across the new EU divide from and to the languages of the new member states will also be supported with a priority.
What kind of projects cannot apply?
Individuals projects (by translators, editors, etc.) are not eligible. Publishers who have not completed previous grant agreements with Next Page Foundation, OSI or other organization of the OSI network in due time, cannot apply for a grant. Applications for translation of textbooks, manuscripts, and publications in periodicals will not be considered. Also, applications involving translators whose work has been negatively evaluated more than once within other grant programs of Next Page foundation, are not eligible. Translations between the languages of Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina are not acceptable1 .
Detailed information about grants competition regulations can be found on the official web site of Next Page Foundation or obtained upon request from Maria Velichkova, project coordinator e-mail:

1 In the case of former Yugoslavia, all proposals should foresee distribution of the publications in the neighboring countries where the particular language of translation is understandable

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