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The road from an art exhibition to an Art fair

The most elegant exhibition event in the calendar of International Fair-Plovdiv, IMPRESSIA, was held from 5-11 June 2006, in Pavilions 2, 8 and 10 at the Fairgrounds of International Fair-Plovdiv. The Art Fair IMPRESSIA celebrated its 10th anniversary.
The Deputy Minister of Culture, Ms. Nadejda Zaharieva, opened the 10th edition of the International Art Fair IMPRESSIA 2006.
IMPRESSIA 2006 provided favorable atmosphere for exchange of spiritual values, for promotion of the contemporary Bulgarian art and of foreign art works as well. The exhibition also created opportunities for the artists to meet business representatives.
The total number of the participants in the 10th edition of the Art Fair IMPRESSIA 2006 was 263. Twenty-two galleries and 206 artists displayed their works of art in pavilion 2.Thirteen applied artists, the Union of the Bulgarian Artists, the National Academy of Arts, the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts-Plovdiv, the Technical University of Sofia, 11 High Schools of Arts and specialized companies showed their expositions in pavilion
Not only classical and renowned Bulgarian artists during the years, such as Georgi Baev, Dimitar Kirov, Vasil Stoev, Valtchan Petrov, Andrei Moskov, Stanimir Videv, Gancho Karabadjov, displayed their paintings at IMPRESSIA 2006, but paintings of young artists who participated for the first time in the Art Fair / such as Apostol Zarov, Georgi Georgiev, Emi Uzunova, Vesela Koleva/ were also exposed side by side with those ones of their recognized collegues.
In the art event participated not only Bulgarian artists, by also artists from Cyprus, France, Japan, the Netherlands, Macedonia and Russia.
Competitions, literature meetings, show of films and theatrical performances were the accompanying events in the programme of the Art Fair IMPRESSIA.
Among the highlights of the programme of the Art Fair were the following events:
– Competition “The Wall”, under the heading “Bulgaria –2007”
– Competition, organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, in the competition participated students from different schools and they competed in 16 categories.
– Workshop, under the supervision of the Japanese artist Ms. Keiko Murakami
– First presentation of the book “Bulgarian chronicles” by Stefan Tzanev
– Show of the film “The World DIKIRO”, dedicated to the artist Dimitar Kirov and created by Pepa Slavcheva
– Concert based on musical compositions by Mozart, with the participation of lecturers from the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts-Plovdiv
– Theatrical performance “Folklore Fantasies” of a theatrical company from the city of Varna
– Commemorative meeting “The Unknown Dr. Obreiko Obreikov”, in connection with the celebration of 115th Anniversary of his birth
– Charity auction of the works of art
– “Evening of Art and Business”
Two photo exhibitions were arranged in the pavilion 10: “The People of the International Fair – Spring 2006” of the art photographer Antonia Marinova; and “Selection from the 4th International biennale FODAR 2005.”
The winners of the Grand Award of International Fair-Plovdiv within the framework of the 10th edition of the Art Fair IMPRESSIA 2006 were Svilen Blajev in category Painting, represented by the Plovdiv Gallery “L’Union”, and Dimitar Rashkov in category Sculpture. The winners were awarded with a special plaque and prize money.
Luben Zidarov and Krasimir Rangelov were awarded with two special prizes by the jury, under the chairmanship of the Prof. Andrei Daniel from the National Academy of Arts: a diploma and free of charge participation in the Art Fair IMPRESSIA 2007.
Atanas Hranov and Evelina Petkova on the other hand were awarded with a diploma and a nomination.
For the first time within the framework of the Art Fair IMPRESSIA was bestowed the newly established prize ARTFACT. The art reporters from the newspapers “Maritza”, “Trud”, “Pozvanete” and “Kultura”, the radio stations “Veselina”, “Darik” and “Plovdiv” established the award under the motto ”Personality or event, that was a mover and shaker in the art environment and inspiration for the city of Plovdiv”.
Veselina Sarieva, an owner of an art gallery and an initiator of the event
“Nights of the Museums and Galleries in Plovdiv 2005” was the first winner of the award ARTFACT. The artist Margarita Djarova created the design of the prize, in a form of a collage technique.
The idea of the award founders is every year the special prize to be made according the specific characters of the event and of the prize winner, and the prize to be given within the framework of the Art Fair IMPRESSIA under the support and organization of International Fair-Plovdiv.
The nominated and the award winning posters in the 10th edition of the International Fair Poster Competition were displayed in the pavilion 10 within the framework of the Art Fair IMPRESSIA 2006. The International Fair Poster Competition is the only one of its kind worldwide and is organized under the auspices of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry /UFI/. This year, 165 fair posters participated in the competition. The number of the posters that participated in category 1 was 9, and in the second category – 156.
Forty fair organization from 24 countries and 4 continents, Europe, Asia, South and Northern America, presented their posters.
The jury that consisted of the members: Mr. Vincent Gerard – Managing Director of UFI, Mrs. Lili Eigl – Communications Manager of UFI, Prof. Bozhidar Yonov – Rector of the National Academy of Arts, Graphic Designer, Mr. Alexander Radoslavov – Chairman of the Graphic Design Section of the Union of the Bulgarian Artists and Executive Director of IZA Art Copyright Protection Agency, Mr. Vasil Nikolov – Graphic Designer, Mrs. Maria Todorova – Director Corporate Communications, International Fair – Plovdiv awarded and nominated the following fair posters in the categories:

CATEGORY 1 – Generic Promotion Poster: GRAND AWARD: Messe Berlin – “Everybody’s Here”, Germany, NOMINATION: Generic Promotion Poster of Tabriz International Exhibition Co – “Tabriz International Exhibition (Promotion)”, Iran

CATEGORY 2 – Exhibition Event Poster: GRAND AWARD: INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR 2006, Exhibition Centre, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

NOMINATIONS: The 7th Daegu International Automatic Machinery & Tools Exhibition, a series of two posters, Daegu Exhibition and Convention Center, South Korea; DAFOOD, Daegu International Food Industry Exhibition, Daegu Exhibition and Convention Center, South Korea; BBS – Belgian Boat Show, Flanders Expo, Belgium; FIM 2006 – 43RD International Furniture Fair, CDIM – Awards for Design, Feria Valencia, Spain; IT PROFITS – Achievements in the Field of Information Technologies, Messe Berlin, Germany.

A luxury, richly illustrated catalogue “Authors and Galleries was published in two languages: English and Bulgarian.
The next edition of the International Art Fair IMPRESSIA will be held from 4-10 June 2007.

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