10th Art Fair
10th International Fair Poster Competition


5 11 June 2006
International Fair Plovdiv, Bulgaria

IMPRESSIA an Opportunity for Cultural Immersion and Business Collaboration
The objectives of the International Art Fair Impressia are to ensure a large forum for the exchange of cultural values, bring together business people and artists, promote the modern Bulgarian arts, and display the accomplishments of foreign artists.
Since 1997 (The beginning of the Art fair), the colourful IMPRESSIA has been adding excitement and variety to the summer month of June. For the professionals as well as for the general public, IMPRESSIA is the largest Bulgarian art gallery, where artists display artworks in 11 main exhibition categories.

IMPRESSIA 2005 Arts in Figures
Total number of participants: 151 from 4 countries: Macedonia, Republic of Korea, Japan and Bulgaria
Art galleries: 12 presenting 44 individual artists
Individual artists 54
Schools of arts 11
Special participation Keiko Murakami, Japan
Honorary participation Svetlin Rusev, Bulgaria
Exhibition featuring Geo Milev and Bulgarian Modernism
National Competition of Fashion Design
Impressia 2006
Exhibition Categories

Ö Fine Arts: Painting, Graphic Art, Sculpture, Art Photography;
Ö Applied Arts: Ceramics, Metal, Glass, Leather, Wood, Textile, Iconography, Art Jewellery, Applied Graphic Art, Medals and Plates, Illustration, Cartoon, Mosaics;
Ö Computer Arts: Computer Graphics, Animation, Electronic Music, Offline Multimedia, Web Design, Digital Photography;
Ö Cultural & Historical Heritage: Museums, Antiques, Collectibles;
Ö Entertainment Industry
Ö Specialized Schools
Ö Associations, Organizations, Foundations
Ö Libraries
Ö Bookshops
Ö Publishing, Periodicals
Ö Advertising Agencies


At the Art Fair IMPRESSIA in Plovdiv, an author will be awarded with a prize for significant contribution to the art. The winner of the prize will be chosen from among the participating authors in the Art Fair.
With the purpose of increasing the opportunities for establishing contacts with patrons and connoisseurs of art, International Fair Plovdiv will organize Evening of the Art and Business. The event will be a venue for meeting and establishing of personal contacts between managers of leading Bulgarian companies, representatives of foreign companies in Bulgaria and the authors and galleries, participating in the Art Fair.

Creating Beauty Together

Organizers: +359 32/ 902 784, 903 325,
fax: +359 32/ 902 432
Catalogue & Infosystem:
+359 32/ 902 463
Exhibitors Schedule
5 May 2006 Deadline for the application for participation
21 May 2006 Deadline for the catalogue entry
4 5 June 2006 Assembly time
5 11 June 2006 Exhibition time
12 June 2006 Dismantling
9:30 18:30 Opening hours for visitors
9:30 16:00 Opening hours for visitors on the last day

The Only International Fair Poster Competition Worldwide
For the ninth time in succession, IMPRESSIA 2005 was the focal point for the newest trends in the field of exhibition poster design worldwide. The co-organizer of the competition for the third time was Ufi the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. The entries numbered 174 exhibition posters submitted by 40 exhibition organizers, who are UFI-members from 22 countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America.
In accordance with the Regulations of the International Fair Posters Competition posters provided by UFI-member exhibition organizers are eligible to participate in the competition. The entries are free of charge and any exhibition organizer has the right to present posters from various trade fairs and exhibition events, whether UFI-approved events or not.
All nominated and awarded posters will be published on International Fair-Plovdiv and UFI websites.
All posters, participating in the competition will be displayed in the framework of the Art Fair IMPRESSIA. The Exhibition of Printing Communications PrintCom is held simultaneously with the Art Fair IMPRESSIA. The exhibitors and visitors of both exhibitions, including advertising agencies, publishing houses, computer specialists, artists, students, poster-makers, journalists, have the opportunity to be acquainted with the new trends in the development of the fair poster. The posters of International Fair-Plovdiv do not participate in the competition.
The Grand Award Winners are presented with a statuette, made by the Bulgarian sculptor Mr. Yanko Nenov, and the nominees are awarded with an honorary diploma.
The artists and the advertising agencies that are designers of the nominated and the winning posters, also receive diplomas. The Grand Award is bestowed at the annual UFI Congress. This years edition of the congress that will be held from 8 11 November in Beijing, China.

Key criteria for the assessment of posters are:
Ö Interpretation of the exhibition topic;
Ö Design concept;
Ö Integrity and original presentation of the events technical parameters, ie dates, venue, exhibition name, etc.

The 2005 Grand Award in the exhibition event poster category was conferred to ITB Berlin 2005 International Tourism Exchange, MESSE BERLIN GmbH, Berlin, Germany.

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