On October 18, three years ago the great Bulgarian writer GENCHO STOEV left us forever, and then on April 14, six months ago, another great master of fine letters IVAILO PETROV. Let us honor their memory!
Ahead of the book lies eternity, they say. Dont be in a hurry to publish, because for all eternity you will not be able to change anything. Not even a single word.
Lifes vanity lures us like a carnival, but it seems the harsh picture of the real game is given to us only by death. Through it we tell eternity.
Between the happy and the eternal splashes human fate. Is there anything more doomed than our strife to seize the moment?
The appearance of Dinosaurs is a sure sign of the death of emotions, of the human inside us a truly slow death. Incapable of compassion we have hearts only when something affects us personally. Who tears our hearts out? Why can we spend hours in a mall, but cant think a little about our destiny?
The words hard on our heels are swarming
The grass of oblivion has already reserved a place for many great names. Is only Bulgaria melting away as if in a frying pan for someones dish or is this fate common, Balkan?
Cracks through which faces and worlds disappear and whence Monsters crawl out. Monsters of freedom, according to Adam Mihnik.
For years now an orgy has been taking place in front of everyones eyes. Even newspapers already resemble obituaries written by marauders.
(The excerpt is from the ready-for-print book The Dinosaurs)

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